Leading Indian B-schools, choosing domestic over Global Job Opportunities

This year leading B-schools of India witnessed a rapid decline in global job opportunities. Offers from international enterprises have descended by 25 percent in IIM-Bangalore, 74 percent in IIM-Kozhikode, and about 20 percent in IIM-Calcutta. In addition, XLRI did not receive any international offer this year. Pondering over the situation, B-schools’ placement teams informs that, students are obtaining domestic offers prior to the international offers. And, with India emerging as the brightest spot in the global economy, students are more inclined towards domestic jobs. “India will be the fastest growing major economy driven by investment, consumption and policy factors, which will boost employment,” said Mr. SV Nathan, Senior Director and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India. “Also, U.S. and European firms are expanding their presence here and so the companies are focusing more on hiring in India.” Despite the fact that, BMW and Protiviti provided job opportunities for the first time in the management school, international offers submerged to 15 from approximately 20 last year at IIM-Bangalore. Similarly, at IIM-Kozhikode, international offers were only 4 compared to 15 last year and IIM-Calcutta received 21 in comparison to 26 in 2015. It is also an interesting scenario as both the batches of IIMs in Kozhikode and Kolkata, were already placed domestically by the time a few international offers arrived in the campus.